Some Like It Hot

Last fall was ‘operation get the house warm’. After nearly 10 years of wearing socks and hats to bed during winter months even though the heat was cranked, the time came to do something about it.

One of the biggest problem areas was losing the heat through the walls. Imagine what insulation looks like from the 1920’s. Did woven horsehair mats and crumpled up newspaper come to mind? That’s what this house had. Essentially, no insulation. So, we hired a local company to blow in cellulose. Relatively simple, but to blow in insulation, they need access points (or holes) at every 12 inches. That’s a LOT of holes. Every 12 inches around the perimeter of the house, AND, vertically every 5 feet or so. The house looked like it grew polka-dots. Better than chicken pox!¬†33845494684_45d0c1a9c0_k

The circular cut holes needed a temporary patch to keep out critters. I used Great Stuff foam which worked great to tide the house over until we’re able to re-dash (re-stucco) the house. Ugly? Definitely. But it did the trick rather than paying to try to match the stucco color and do an official patch. We only did it this way because it was temporary.


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