Stairway to Heaven(…ly Carpet)

Carpet provides comfort and safety– no slipping down wood stairs in sock feet, please(!) not to mention some serious sound proofing.  Home improvement stores generally have plenty of affordable options for carpet and padding.  If you’re going to be walking on it, you may as well try it out for real.  Take off your shoes and step on it!

Cushion options under carpet square

Details to consider:

The look: waterfall method– is one single piece of carpet used to cover stairs from top to bottom.  Cap and band method– individual pieces of carpet are cut and is secured on every single tread and riser.  Runner – more of an aesthetic look to see the wood stairs along the sides.  Full step– pretty obvious here. Left to right, totally covered.

The feel: Padding.  All different materials, cost, and durability.  Compare details to cost like anti-microbial, moisture barrier.  Bend the carpet as a test.  Less pile means that when the carpet is bent, say on the edge of a stair, you’ll see the backing of the carpet.  Pay attention to the “thread count” of carpet.  Think like nice sheets, you get what you pay for.

The deal: Warranty.  Look for the years of wear covered, stain coverage.  Always ask questions and read the fine print.

This stairwell has a runner with waterfall method that is bound along the edges.  Stairway masterpiece!