Love the Lumber

After a minor hiccup involving lack of insulation behind the new window and discovering a lack of caulking around the outer window, we’re back on track to wrap up the kitchen remodel.  One of the last touches of the kitchen is to frame in the doorway and add trim around the new window.  After careful measuring, the lumber was ordered from a local warehouse and delivered.

The cabinets are a cider in color and all of the other woodwork in the house is walnut stained.  Since matching wood color from all areas of the house was a potential nightmare, the kitchen trim and baseboard will be white.  It will have a nice, crisp, and clean finish.  It’s amazing how a few pieces of wood makes such a beautiful difference.  Like trimming the tree, trimming the window puts on the final touch of the room.

Raw trim

Now it’s time to fill in the nail holes and  paint with primer and white paint.  *Tip to consider!* Thanks to wax paper stapled behind the trim, it won’t be necessary to repaint the wall if a little white trim paint (or stain) goes over the edge.  Just tear off the wax paper and be done!