That’s a Wrap

Let’s take a glance at this kitchen remodel, from the top.  It’s the things you don’t see that are sometimes the largest feats.  Behind the scenes, er, walls:

Ceiling joist support added, one doorway moved & expanded, one window boarded up, one window replaced, sink moved to adjacent wall, dishwasher introduced, garbage disposal added, electricity updated, one radiator removed and another downsized, heat source installed, three hardwood floor patches, six wall faces demolished, …and a partridge in a pear tree!

Click on the link for a full-view video of the kitchen:  A Kitchen Story… the nearly finished product

The countertops are expertly installed.  The under-cabinet LED lights are powered.  All that remains is trim around the new window & doorway and baseboards.  That seems a simple enough task.  Right?


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