Counter Offer

To be a bit eco-friendly during the remodel process, I wanted to find an affordable solution that would be durable and visually interesting.  The answer?  Ecostone.  This incredibly “green” content material is comprised of 75% recycled content and uses a eco-friendly resin.  For more info on this cool stone, click here.

A tip when choosing paint color, cabinet color, appliance finishes, and counter color: get samples from the store(s) where you’re purchasing the items & line them all up.  Roll up your sleeves and get crafty!  Leave the samples together in the said room, kitchen, bathroom, or otherwise, and see how they look in different sunlight throughout the day.  Get the opinions of others.  Create a photo poll for your Facebook friends.  The beauty of samples is that you can swap out and change your mind.  Better to do that in the sample stage than to purchase and install everything only to be disappointed.  Be certain you like everything all together and you’ll love the outcome.