Turning up the Heat

It’s a New Year!  The kitchen project has ferociously moved into 2011.  Put on your hats folks.  It’s going to be a quick wrap up!

To create more space the radiator was taken out of the kitchen.  It looks great, but left the room without a source of heat.  The alternate mode of heat answer: toe-kick heaters.

There are two types of toe kick heaters: electric and hydronic.  I went with hydronic because they are more efficient and uses the existing plumbing system.  This space-saving invention uses tubes from the water heater in the basement through the kitchen floor to the unit which sits beneath the lower cabinets.  It works by using a motorized forced air fan to kick out the heat.  Because they sit beneath the cabinets, the toe kicks have major invisibility appeal.

Toe kick heater under cabinet

I lucked out and was able to have the toe kicks on a separate thermostat from the rest of the main floor.  It will definitely come in handy during those times when the oven is on and heating up the kitchen on its own.  It’s never good to have the kitchen nice and toasty but have the TV room freezing because they are in the same thermostat zone.


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