Shedding Light

Just days after the biggest snowstorm in Minneapolis since Halloween 1991, my kitchen window arrived & was ready to install.  With snow drifts out my door up to 5 feet high and temperatures that plunged to minus 10, a big gaping hole to the outside world isn’t ideal.  Is this a better late than never situation?  It’s the end of December and the plastic poly cover taped over the old window is no longer cutting it.

Good thing replacement windows are relatively easy to install since the hole already exists.  This window provided a design challenge because of its uniquely large size and placement.  It’s bigger than every other window in the house at 32″ wide, and it sits low on the wall.  Prior to it being removed, the radiator sat underneath this window. Once that was removed, it opened up floor space, and hence, many design questions about whether or not to change the size of the window and potentially add more smaller sized windows in a row.  Many discussions and ideas later, the window stayed the same size and in the same spot.

My neighbors have already mentioned they can now see more into the house after the doorway move and expansion.  I adore my neighbors, but it might be time to get a curtain!