Flying colors

New drywall sucks up primer.  Unless you want to stop mid-project, it’s a good idea to buy more than you think you’ll need.  Calculate the square footage and add a little more.  It’s important to prime as soon as possible after the mud is dried.  The primer protects the walls.  If you made the investment, do it right.

First, do NOT dust off the walls.  Yes, they will be covered in dust, but it blends in with the primer as you paint.  If you dust, you risk damaging the finish on your new walls.  Make sure you’re set up before you open that can of paint – get your drop cloths, ladder, paint brush/roller, paint pan, stir stick, paint can opener, and extra lighting. Second, after you’ve primed, cut in the color.  This means carefully going around every edge and corner with a brush and creating a wide edge so when you use a roller you have space to apply paint.

This gadget saved my neck…

A little taste of the wall color.  It’s getting closer to the final product!