Out With The Old

Radiators are a great way to heat the house. In the case of my house they also tend to overtake the room.  The radiator was even painted the same color as the walls to try to blend it in more.  Can you still see the radiator in the dining room?  These original steel radiators not only weigh close to a ton — at least that’s what your back will feel like after you move them.

Old radiator

When the radiator moved, it left holes in the wood floor to patch.  Enter the floor specialists to the rescue.  They were able to match the species of the wood so that when the floors get finished (another project down the lengthy road) it will blend seamlessly from the dining room to kitchen.

When the doorway moved, the old radiator was too wide and no longer fit in the space between the wall on the right and the doorway.  Downsize it was.  It may be smaller in size but it kicks out more heat than before.  Gotta love modern day materials to make things compact.

New radiator