Keeping In the Heat

During one of the windiest weeks in the history of autumn in Minnesota, the house was 2 radiators short and the kitchen was insulation free.  The breeze was blowing on through!  It seems like kitchen progress is one step forward and two steps back.  The original insulation is this horse hair/straw mesh material.  Compared to the old insulation, I think the house is going to stay much warmer this year with the new.  There are many different kinds of insulation.  Fiberglass, recycled denim, loose fill, spray foam and so on.  Check ’em out and decide what will work best in your space.  For my kitchen, I used fiberglass, both R-19 and R-38 depending on if it was on the ceiling or walls.

Original insulation

Before the insulation could be replaced and construction continue, inspections had to pass.  After all the inspections passed (electrical, plumbing, and building) we were set to put up insulation & poly on the exterior walls.  Insulation does amazing things.  I am thrilled to not have the heat cranked and still have be bundled with scarves and hats inside.  Moving on with construction…


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