All gutters need to be periodically cleaned from debris. Even your best efforts may not always make the gutters work properly. Sometimes they need to be replaced or covered.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the trees in the backyard.  In the fall, they cause a bit of a problem.  There is a massive pine tree with branches that hang right over my roof.
Things to consider when replacing gutters:
1. The material.  Steel, vinyl, copper, or aluminum.  Weigh aesthetics & cost.
2. Seamless or traditional.  Less maintenance or ability to replace sections.
3. Gutter shape.  U-shape or K-shape.
4. Size.  Gutter size, downspout size, and thickness.
If you’re around pine trees or have issues with clogged gutters, look into gutter covers. They usually slide over or into standard gutters and prevent larger debris from entering. You’ll may still need to clean out the gutters periodically, but a little more expense could keep you from taking out the ladder as frequently.  Look at how many pine needles my gutters are being saved from.
If you prefer to do it yourself, check out: