Making Room

This is what a call “the scary room”.  What used to be a pantry, is now a dark, damp corner of the basement.  This room freaks me out.  It’s not load bearing, so in the spirit of eventually finishing the basement, it had to go.  In the long term plan, this will be corner will be a laundry room.  A bright and sunny, bug free laundry room!

After a few cracks with a hammer, the plaster easily comes off.

The majority of these posts were rotted at the bottom and were no longer anchored to the concrete floor.  No wonder the plaster was crumbling!

It’s amazing what can be accomplished in one morning.  The basement structure actually has to do with the kitchen remodel.  Basement leads to kitchen, which leads to office upstairs.  If the basement wall is crumbling, chances are the structure all the way up is faulting somehow.  Pretty normal for a nearly 90 year old house.  Ask an architect, get an engineer to draw up structural design — always make sure the wall you want to remove isn’t load bearing.