Going Underground

As long as the electrical is being updated, I might as well make it more aesthetically pleasing on the outside as well.  The electrical wires run from the house to the pole near the alley… which cuts right through the back yard.  So bury the lines takes patience, research, and setting up a few appointments with your power company, the gas company (don’t want to dig & hit a line), and the electrical company to hook up/rewire the new exterior box.

Prepare to have a trench dug in your yard.  Yes, it’s massive.  Yes, it’s necessary.  Think of it as a way to till part of your yard & inspiration to start a new garden patch.

Once the various ducks are lined up, it’s a relatively quick process.  Gas lines are marked, trench is dug, new exterior box is mounted, new electrical lines are buried, old electrical lines are cut, and voila — your yard is wire free.  In my case, I took this opportunity to wire the unattached garage with power — planning ahead for a garage door opener & security light.  As long as the trench is dug & the crew is out, might as well save yourself a mileage fee.