It’s Electric

The kitchen is one of the only remaining rooms with the outdated electrical original to the house.  The main light doesn’t have a switch when you enter the room.  Instead, it has a pull cord dangling from the light fixture.  At night, you walk blindly into the room, one hand outreached, waiting to grasp the pull cord, moving one foot in front of the other, hoping that you remembered to close the oven so you don’t smash your shins into the door.  These will be fond memories once the rockstar kitchen is complete.  

This is the view from above the door space.  Since the house was built in 1922, pre-electric and super handy drills, they had to cut
Check out the wood shavings that fell.  History at it’s finest!

Good thing the ceiling came out because it revealed a burn mark in beam.  So long, old knob and tube electric!

Example of what the potential recessed cans will look like.  This is more for placement 
Next step:  install the powerhouse!  AKA, a lot of awesome lighting.