Ticky Tacky

“The pipe must get out”… kind of like “the show must go on”.  Remember that cruddy pipe?  This old pipe was slightly more of a hassel than anticipated.  It was the former vent of the original oven and went from basement floor, through the first floor, second floor attic, and out the roof.  We’re talking a very very long pipe.  First, the skinny lower part got sawed through.  The fun part began with the 4″ in diameter width that went from head high in the kitchen to past the roof line.
Safety first!  The foil backing is to protect the lath from any flying sparks.  The sparks launch around the room.  See for yourself.
Once the pipe was cut through it was resting on a wood block nailed into the joists.  Keep in mind this pipe now goes from the first floor kitchen through the second floor and out the roof:  about 10 feet of steel pipe 4 inches in diameter.  Account for measurements when considering floor to ceiling height and the object you are trying to remove!  This counted as my arm workout for the day!

Then what was left was a totally blank slate.  Ready for the next step: move the kitchen sink and install a dishwasher and disposal.