Bringing Down the House

Demo Days continued…

The remainder of the to-be-sink and dishwasher wall is down.  The plumbing pipes are exposed so the plumber can move & adjust as necessary.  This also involves moving the piping in the basement and reaffixing where the pipes attach.  Good thing the basement is unfinished!
This wall will house my new cabinets, sink, dishwasher, and new countertop.  I’m all about reusing what I already have, so the bank of cabinets you can see at the edge of this photo will be included on the adjacent (torn down) wall.

See the old nasty pipe toward the top?  That was once used as a vent for the oven.  Now it’s a rusty eyesore that needs to go.  Opening up the wall will make this easier to be cut off and removed.

No, really, did you see that gross pipe?  I can honestly say I won’t miss seeing this every time I walk in the kitchen.

The other kitchen walls were a piece of cake to take down.  If you can get an opening through the dry wall (in my case plaster) you can pry the board out from the inside which creates a very nice crack in the wall to follow.  Taking fewer swings with the hammer equals less dust.  
Onto total demo phase: the ceiling! Considering that the only part of the kitchen ceiling that was insulated was a 4′ by 14′ chunk near the door to the living room, it was a pretty easy process.  I didn’t say it wasn’t a huge mess, but it came down pretty quickly.  A new conversation starter for those visiting: what’s the fluff falling from your ceiling?  Oh, that’s just the original insulation falling from when the house was built!  Now add that to your cereal in the morning.  I digress…. you can buy plastic film to staple up to cover the ceiling and block anything from floating down, but since I know that drywall will be up in the near future, I didn’t bother with it.  
I am AMAZED at how much darker the kitchen lighting is now.  It feels like a cave with all the lath (wood boards) exposed.  This is the fun stage where planning and visualizing the final product really starts to take shape.  A demo bonus: you can write/draw/leave a note on your walls with a permanent marker & it doesn’t matter!  This is the time to be absolutely sure that you still like the original plan: placement of sink, cabinets, windows, where the refrigerator and oven will go, etc.  Take the time to really think through the details– then you will get the result you wanted.  
Next step:  cut out the crusty old pipe near the sink, move the sink and plumbing to the neighboring wall, wire for new electrical outlets and lighting.
Get your hardhat ready for more Demo Days.