Demo Days

The kitchen demolition continues!

Humidity puts cabinetry on hold.. so it’s back to inside demo.  What better to do on a Sunday afternoon than sweat it out with a hammer & ventilator?

Always always always prep the space – clear out all appliances, furniture, cupboards, tape over doorways & seal off other areas you want to keep dust free.  If you want to maintain the integrity of your floor (mine were refinished only a few years ago) cover them up!  I used a hefty chunk of scrap wood, a canvas, and many broken down cardboard boxes to cover the floor.  Provide protection to the things you don’t want damaged when walls come crashing down.  Once the set up is complete, the fun begins!

Use your gear!  I’m bad about taking the time to gather my gloves, face mask, etc. because I’m anxious to get to work!  But who wants to be deaf & hacking up (gross!) black gunk for several days after working? Do it right & protect yourself as well as your home.

After a few swings, the ceiling & most of the walls of the future pantry are gone.

Notice the lack of insulation.  Since the walls are open, this is a perfect time to add insulation.  Also, it’s much more cost effective than trying to insulate from the exterior in.  No more holes than necessary in this house.

More Demo Days to come… stay posted.