Beginning Step 1

Let the kitchen demo begin!

Yesterday was a big day to get the ball rolling.  After plenty of measuring, counting, checking, double-checking, and triple-checking, two hours and many questions answered from the helpful staff of a large corporate do-it-yourself store, (and a stop at Sonic for a sandwich & limeade) I came home with new cabinetry and countertop.

Safety first!  When moving appliances always consider the electrical & other hookups.   Once the gas was  turned off and yellow cord removed from the oven, it got moved across the kitchen.  Then it was demo time!

I was so anxious to start I didn’t bother with gloves or ear protection.  At least I wore close toed shoes!

Since the plumber won’t be coming until next week, we removed the plaster & lath up to the sink cabinet.  The wall came down relatively easy and now the plumber has full access to all the water parts.  Making life easier for the plumber is always a good thing!

Next week, the kitchen sink, dishwasher, and new countertop will be mounted to this wall.  I’m thrilled at the thought of having a dishwasher!  Let’s call this Step 1/2   🙂


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