Summer is halfway over and I haven’t gotten to all my projects!
I’ve been meeting with an architect for a few months now.  He is helping me with the main level kitchen and basement plans.  The plan includes cutting out the unfinished basement floor, replacing basement posts, reinforcing beams, moving pipes and water-related mechanics, installing in-floor heat in the basement, moving a doorway, relocating a kitchen sink, adding a second bathroom, second kitchen, and on and on.  Lots of planning, coordinating, and budgeting involved.
After a few design rounds with the architect, we’re just about ready to finalize the drawings.  In a dream world, I’d go for the entire remodel at one time, but I’m on a budget and will be doing “steps” to complete the project.
Step 1: Move kitchen sink to adjacent wall.  Install garbage disposal & dishwasher (super excited about the new amenities!).  Move oven to opposite wall, add electrical outlets, patch and paint kitchen walls.  My plumber friend is going to have to get creative with the piping when the kitchen sink changes walls, but until the basement floor is cut up and plumbing is reconfigured, we’ll make do!  The “steps” are about being cost-effective and being able to live with the “in between” stage.
We’re starting demo in a few days… stay posted.