Conveying Dirt

A little teaser of what we were up to last summer. Warm summer days were spent in the basement doing some serious renovations. What started as an unfinished basement will (temporarily) and as an unfinished basement. The structure for the entire house is now solid and sturdy. Peace of mind was well worth spending the warm months in a dank basement.

Digging Dirt

Digging Dirt

This is the work of a typical Wednesday evening. Digging out dirt around plumbing… let the renovation continue!

Spring Sprucing

A friend shared this color scheme with me.. planning on painting with some of these ‘butes soon!

Which can you see in a living room?

The Best of 2012

Reminiscing time: what was your favorite project of 2012?

Spring has sprung!

This weekend marks the last before summer holidays, BBQs, and weddings hit full throttle. Time to tackle the closet of doom. You know, that looming cabinet you tremble at the thought of opening because it’s stuffed-to-the-brim full. Spring has sprung people, time to clean on out! Feeling daunted? Ask a friend or family for help, crank up some good dancing tunes, and let the cleansing begin.

Check out easy donations like:, Goodwill, Craigslist, or a good old fashioned garage sale.

Another route is consignment. It’s not an immediate payoff, but it puts the work in the retail store’s hands. Check out TurnStyle Consignment, Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads Trading.

Dedicate a little bit of time to the clean out and bring on the stress-relief. Plus, you now have room for other treasures!

Sanded, Sealed, Dried (signed, sealed, delivered!)

Does your wood floor have wear spots or water stains?  Did you have carpet and now that it’s removed, the glue and aging have darkened the wood?  Sounds like it’s time to refinish!

If you’re hiring out a sanding and refinishing company, ask them to come over.  They’ll sand a small patch & brush on the stain and finish you’re thinking of going with.  Better to get an idea of what the final product will look like and be sure you love it than to spend all that time and money only to wish you could go back.  Consider the type of wood species, the wall colors in your home, other flooring type and color.  If you choose to stain, different wood species react and absorb differently.  Ask questions from those that have done it before!

There are a slew of various finishes available, most common are water-based and polyurethane finish. Water-based has a lower VOC (volatile organic compound) and are less stinky than solvent-based sealers.  However, water-based is less durable and usually more expensive than polyurethane finishes.

Professional sanding machines usually have a vacuum attached so suck up the wood dust.  This isn’t a fool proof system and dust will still get around the house.  Be sure to plastic sheet anything you don’t want to get dusty (built-in bookcases, knick knacks, etc.) before sanding begins.

Be prepared to wait it out – between the odor & dry time, you may need to vacate your home or block off the area for a day or two.  If you live in a state with high humidity, it takes longer to dry.  Safety tip: pets and children are more sensitive to smells, and they’re noses are closer to the floor!  If you need to leave your pet at home during refinishing, be sure they have a source of fresh air and they do not have access to walk on the tacky floor until it’s dry.

These floors are original from 1922.  Previously covered by carpet, they were stained dark, were scratched and covered with stain spots from wear and tear.  Look how beautiful they turned out!

Sanded patch of floor

Sanded, sealed, drying

Free Mortgage for Advertising

Interested in being that unique house on the block?  Want to really annoy your neighbors?  Or, just want to spice up your exterior for a few months?  Leave a message on your thoughts!


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